A noble experience


To transform ideas into unique and original items and crafting experiences, not objects:

For centuries, Florence and its surroundings has attracted everything from the artisan to the grand Master of Design and education. The morning coffee, the seasons fashions, our innate sense of style is all derived from their contribution; their personality, vision and trend setting has helped define our own professional work.


We use our heritage to help guide us to a new age. An age of research and development, an age of instant approval, likes and shares. The ethos of Italian design & culture is released into these new environments; ones our clients across the world share. Our logo reflects that styling with one important note, Firenze in our title. It shows how we still look to our heritage for constantly pivoting to the new. From the very beginning our mission was: To transform ideas into unique and original items.  


At a glance

Arketipo is this. Craftspeople of experiences, where every idea is considered in its approach.

Our collaborators, craftsmen and employees have tried new things, it is our ethos that ‘experiences make the product’, not science. By trying, we learn, by experimenting we grow by being courageous, we make memories. We study, we talk, we identify, we feel different things from the raw materials, what we get is something different, every single time. Where one sees a wood, metal and cloth, we see a craft, a desire to bring a pleasurable endeavour to the soul and delight for years to come.  

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